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Thursday 22nd October 2020 I Category: Articles
New Piano Teaching Method to be unveiled

We have recently had the pleasure of meeting local Piano teacher Roberta Wolff who is keen to meet like minded piano teachers and is inviting them to a Piano Teachers Evening on the 12th July between 4.30 -7.00pm spaces are limited. If you are a piano teacher and would like to attend you can contact Roberta via her website linked in below.

Please read the following overview from Roberta about the evening. Space is limited so please RSVP early to reserve your place or by 1st July. Feel free to invite a colleague to join you. My aim is to extend the invitation to all local piano teachers but it is possible someone has been missed. A little about this evening... For those of you who don't know me I am piano passionate; teacher, technician and tuner and player. I love spending time with colleagues and would love to get as many piano teachers as possible together on this occasion for wine, nibbles and chatting. There is also another special reason for this evening. I am launching my new Piano Practice Workbook.

The evening will give me an opportunity to present this book in the comfort of my own home before presenting it to teachers in Oxford next term. The evening will start at 4.30 with welcome drinks and light music giving us a chance to meet and chat. At 5.00 we will move to the music room for a short performance including Brahms Hungarian dances and Liszt amongst other music. After that I will introduce the book for around 15 minutes then from 6.00 we will enjoy the summer evening with drinks and canapés. I look forward to seeing you whether you want to know about the book or not, and so encourage you to come for the social aspect of the evening. For those of you who have already expressed an interest, I will have some copies available for you to take and trial in exchange for feedback.

There will also be an opportunity to pre-order books for students for the September term. I will offer these books at a reduced price, you may choose to pass this price on to students or sell the book at the RRP. If you would like a preview have a look at www.musicmepiano.co.uk andhttp://robertawolff.co.uk. I have also just received my first review from the multi-talented teacher and pianist, Sally Cathcart. For more about Sally visit http://www.thecuriouspianoteacher.org andhttp://www.theoxfordpianogroup.co.uk. Her review on the book is: "Many thanks for sending your practice book to me - it is delightful and there are lots of good, motivational ideas in it. I particularly liked the page where you go through the different stages of learning."

If you are unable to make this event but are interested in being invited to future events please let me know. There are a few planned for next term. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes Roberta




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