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Bosendorfer Pianos

Bosendorfer pianos are magnificent, handcrafted pianos from Vienna, Austria. Established in 1828 by Ignaz Bosendorfer, the company have been building pianos to the highest industry standards by some of the world's finest artisans ever since. Many famous artists from Franz Lizst and Leonard Bernstein to modern day artists such as Tori Amos and Valentina Lisitsa have used Bosendorfer pianos as their instrument of choice for both performance and recording.

Unlike the clearer and purer sound of a Bechstein, Steinway or Yamaha piano, the Bosendorfer pianos are well known for their warm, rich and full-bodied tone, particularly in the bass, which is both dynamic and powerful.

Bosendorfer are innovators in piano technology, most notably for their 'CEUS' System, which is a state of the art self-playing and recording system seamlessly integrated into the piano. Bosendorfer are currently leading by example for this technology, followed very closely by Yamaha's 'Disklavier' system.

One of the most famous and celebrated Bosendorfer pianos is the Model 290 Imperial, a 9 foot 6 inch, 97 key concert grand piano originally custom built for musician Ferruccio Busoni. The success of the Imperial 290 persuaded the company to add it to their product line and to this day is regarded by many as the finest piano in the world.

Handel Pianos are proud to supply these wonderful Bosendorfer pianos, and can help our customers find the perfect piano at any level. With every Bosendorfer piano, you will be investing in a lifelong piano that can be passed down through the family and will continue to provide playing pleasure for all. 

If you are interested in one of these pianos and would like to try one for yourself, contact us for availability with the contact details below.

Tel: 01344 873645    sales@handelpianos.co.uk

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