New & Used W. Hoffmann Upright and Grand Pianos

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W Hoffmann V2 Upright Piano

Make: W Hoffmann
Size: 150 x 114 x 59cm
Casework: Black
Weight: 220kg
PRICE £8,500

W Hoffmann V126 Upright Piano

Make: W Hoffmann
Size: 147 x 126 x 62.3cm X 57.9 x 49.6 x 24.6"
Casework: Black
Weight: 235kg
PRICE £8,700

W Hoffmann V 120 Upright Piano

Make: W. Hoffmann
Size: 151 x 121 x 63 cm
Casework: Black
PRICE £9,500

W Hoffmann V131 Upright Piano

Make: W Hoffmann
Size: 151 x 131.5 x 63.5cm OR 59.4 x 51.8 x x 25"
Casework: Black
Weight: 247kg
PRICE £9,700

W Hoffmann T122 Upright Piano

Make: W Hoffmann
Size: 147 x 122 x 61cm OR 57.9 x 48 x 24"
Casework: Black
Weight: 227kg
PRICE £11,000

W Hoffmann P114 Upright Piano

Make: W. Hoffmann
Size: 150 x 114 x 61cm OR 59 x 45 x 24"
Casework: Black
Weight: 230kg
PRICE £12,000

New & Used W. Hoffmann Upright and Grand Pianos from Handel Pianos – The Piano Specialists

W. Hoffman new and used upright and grand pianos are extremely competitive pianos in the mid-range/lower high-end bracket, manufactured exclusively by C Bechstein Europe, at their state of the art factory in the Czech Republic.  Due to the influence, expertise, materials used and design is by C. Bechstein we consider them superior to other mid-market pianos, pushing them in to the higher end of the market. They are the perfect choice for the musician who wants German design and quality at an affordable price.

W Hoffmann were originally a West German manufacturer based in Langlau, which for a time shared the factory with Fuerich pianos and Euterpe pianos. In 1994, C Bechstein acquired a part of Feurich and started to use the W Hoffmann brand as their mid-tier series of pianos and to be used in their Czech Factory, not too far away from Petrof.

W Hoffmann have been highly impressive to us, and have multiple series of pianos to suit different budgets and various level’s of players.

W Hoffmann Vision line is the first series, using more outsourced materials to keep costs down yet not skimping too much on the important areas of the piano. These offer excellent performance and quality in the price range and are some of the most affordable European made pianos on the market. These are step above most Asian pianos from China, Indonesia and Korea.

W Hoffmann Traditional line is the mid tier series, offering more higher quality materials found in C Bechstein instruments as manufacturing techniques of traditional piano building. The Traditional line feel premium, have remarkable power and sustain, very precise touch and balanced tone. These pianos are a great competitor to the Yamaha U/YUS series but offer a different flavour and feel, impressive all round quality and a good long term investment.

W Hoffmann Professional in the top spec line and the name gives it away. These are custom models that build on the traditional line and are more akin to the C Bechstein Academy line in their manufacturing technique, materials used and time spent on each instrument. Extra care has been used in the lever ratios to maximise precision of touch and repetition speed and higher quality soundboards to maximise power and dynamic range for it’s size. The flagship mode, thel P126 is particularly impressive and beats many baby grands we have as far as performance is concerned! The W Hoffmann Professional line can be regarded as a more affordable C Bechstein piano and place themselves at the lower part of the high end market, highly recommended.

All W. Hoffman pianos can be fitted with their exclusive Vario silent system. This enables the pianist to play the piano silently via headphones, without compromising the touch from the instrument or the responsiveness of the keys and pedals. The Vario can be paired wirelessly with smart devices to control many features, like sounds used, recording, metronome and calibration tools. Vario can also be used with midi to connect your lovely piano to a PC/Laptop or Mac to turn it into the ultimate midi keyboard!

New and used W Hoffman upright and grand pianos can be viewed at Handel and we are available 7 days a week to help you to find the perfect piano for you, do check with us which models we currently have on display. The joy of W. Hoffman pianos is that they combine the tone and precision of Bechstein’s piano making research, with state-of-the-art computer software engineering and manufacturing. This results in a beautiful sound and touch that will satisfy players of various levels for many years to come.

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