New & Used Hailun Upright and Grand Pianos

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Hailun 121 Upright Piano

Make: Hailun
Size: 151 x 121 x 60 cm OR 55.5 x 47.5 x 23.5 inches
Casework: Black
PRICE £4,399

Hailun HG 151 Baby Grand Piano

Make: Hailun
Size: 151cm or 4 foot 9 inches long
Casework: Black
PRICE £8,099

Hailun HG 161 Baby Grand Piano

Make: Hailun
Size: 161cm or 5 foot 3 inches long
Casework: Black
PRICE £9,999

Hailun have been manufacturing some of the very best, affordable pianos in the far east for over 20 years.

Mr. Hailun Chen and Mrs. Faye Chen were both graduates of the Piano Technology School in Beijing, where they both met and formed a partnership in both their personal life and business life by forming the Hailun Piano Company.

Initially the company was co-owned by the Chinese government, and started specialising in producing piano parts and later became respected for producing and supplying some of the highest accuracy semi-finished acoustic pianos. Later, Mr Hailun Chen over time purchased full control over the company and was able to set sights on a clear goal, to set a benchmark on creating the finest acoustic pianos from the Far East.

During this journey, Mr Chen would meet and partner with various piano technicians and designers to help make his goal a reality. The first was fourth generation piano builder Mr Valetzky, whom Mr Chen built a strong friendship and transferred his expertise, know-how and technology to help Hailun pianos compete with the European piano makers.

To keep the Hailun Piano Company a forward thinking one, Mr Chen invested heavily over the years in both Japanese and German digital production equipment, as well as manufacturing lines, and as of today is currently using the most state of the art technology in piano manufacturing.

The Hailun factory is 430,000 square foot in size and employs over 800 staff and 37 experienced and highly trained piano engineers. This commitment to high standards and quality control has made Hailun a worldwide respected brand and a choice piano for music schools, teachers and of course for many homes around the world.

As well as the partnership with Mr Veletzky, Hailun has also partnered and garnered the talents of well-known American piano designer and engineer George F. Emerson, Viennese piano voicing and sound expert Zlatkovic Sibin, Japanese production specialist Ema Shigeru and Stephen Paulello, a French scale designer and piano builder.

These partnerships have ensured that Hailun are on the forefront for innovation, artistic production to ensure long-term quality of Hailun Pianos. Hailun currently have over 360 European dealers, over 80 U.S. Authorised suppliers and over 40 in Japan, as well as an ever growing network of dealers across other parts of the globe further establishing their influence and respect in the piano market.

Handel Pianos have been delighted with Hailun Pianos with only positive feedback from our customers, due to their excellent performance, their power, warm tone, responsive action and beautiful aesthetic, particularly the grands which feature an very attractive Birdseye Maple rim and exclusive hydraulic (therefore weightless!) Lids. We often choose to hire out Hailun Pianos to our local ABRSM exams, a testament to their quality!

Due to their Viennese style voicing, Hailun Pianos have a soft and warm characteristic, which suits classical music particularly well, as well as emotive, solo-piano music. This has been a particular compliment we’ve heard of Hailun Pianos, for those looking for a rich tone found in many European pianos but out of reach budget wise, the Hailun has been a clear choice.

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