How Much Does Piano Tuning Cost?

Piano Tuning in Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire & London

Piano tuning is a very important part of looking after your piano and should be carried out on a regular basis by a professionally trained piano tuner. Piano tuning should be carried out once every six to nine months on pianos that are used on average for half an hour a day. This can also depend on the age and quality of the piano, with older pianos needing more tuning than new or modern pianos. Concert pianos are often tuned for every performance, and teachers and other professional pianists will choose to have their piano tuned more frequently. Even if a piano is not used on a regular basis it should also be tuned once a year ideally, but at least every two years.

Piano tuning is required to keep your piano sounding great at all times and to ensure that it is in good working order. Over time, the different wooden parts of the piano such as the soundboard, the bridges and the wrest plank expand and contract due to the changes in humidity and temperature of the room. This has the effect of moving the strings and putting the piano out of tune.

Piano tuning normally takes around one hour and involves the tuning of over 230 strings in total. At Handel Pianos, we have four professional tuners including our Company Director, Chris Lovell, who would be more than happy to tune your piano.

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All the pianos we sell at Handel Pianos are tuned to A440 concert pitch. We like to tune all of our customers’ pianos to concert pitch if possible, but for older and more neglected pianos that haven’t been tuned for years, their strings can struggle to take the extreme tension required in tuning. Up to 20 tonnes on some grand pianos! If a piano hasn’t been tuned for sometime it is going to need more than one tuning to raise it to concert pitch and to maintain a stable tuning. Piano strings stretch as the tuner raises the pitch and once the first tuning is complete the strings want to shrink back down to their original shape again, requiring further tuning. Our expert piano tuners can advise you on how many tunings will best benefit your piano, and how long your piano needs to be left in between each tuning.

If you have recently purchased a piano you will find that your piano will need its first tuning sooner than at any other time as the piano is still adjusting to the atmospheric change of your home. The average time for your piano’s first tuning is within 3 months and it is a good idea to wait if you are coming up to a seasonal change, for instance if it’s likely for the central heating to be turned on or off soon after receiving your piano.

Handel Pianos’ qualified expert piano tuners can tune any make or type of piano, upright, baby grand and grand pianos. Each time we tune your piano we will check for any sticking keys or noisy pedals, as well as any other potential problems. We will also offer guidance on keeping your piano in good order, suggest how any potential faults can be avoided, and give you advice on keeping your piano safe from the effects of central heating.

If you are already a customer of ours, we can offer tuning at a discounted rate as well as tuning reminders and useful information on looking after your piano which are regularly posted on our Facebook page, so be sure to like our page and we will keep you in the loop!

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