New and Used Upright Pianos

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Baldwin Upright Piano

Make: Badwin
Size: 145 x 103 x 63cm OR 57 x 40.5 x 25"
Casework: Darker Wood
PRICE £800

Bentley 85C Upright Piano

Make: Bentley
Size: 55 x 39.5 x 21 OR 139 x 100 x 53 cm
Casework: Darker Wood
PRICE £995

Casio PX-S5000

Make: Casio
Size: 1,322 x 232 x 102 mm
Casework: Black
Weight: 11.5kg
PRICE £999

Casio PX 870 Digital Piano

Make: Casio
Size: 1393 x 801 x 299 mm
Casework: Black
PRICE £999

Zender Compact Upright Piano

Make: Zender
Size: 132 x 99 x 48cm OR 52 x 39 x 19"
Casework: Black
PRICE £1,250

Fuchs & Mohr Upright Piano

Make: Fuchs & Mohr
Size: 140 x 100 x 54cm OR 55 x 39.5 x 21.5"
Casework: Black
PRICE £1,250

New and Used Upright Pianos

Choosing to purchase a new or used upright piano would be the ideal choice if space is restricted and you want a quality instrument guaranteed to last for years to come.

New upright pianos are no different from new grand pianos in their ability to retain long term value and proving to be a good investment. When buying a quality new upright piano you can be confident that you should not need to change it during your lifetime unless you upgrade to a grand piano or choose to go for an even higher quality upright piano.

Likewise with our second-hand grand pianos, we also stock fully restored, quality upright pianos revitalised to a like-new standard from brands such as Bechstein, Steinway, Bluthner and many more.

Upright pianos offer a different playing experience to a grand piano which in some instances can be preferable to a grand. Unless comparing with a small baby grand, then due to the smaller dynamic range of an upright and the fact it project the sound in front of the player, it offers a more intimate and personal ‘bubble’ for the player. This can be ideal for those that like more privacy, but also due to their size, they are often placed in a smaller room in the home and are more discreet.

Upright pianos however are not to be underestimated however when it comes to power, dynamics and performance. Top manufacturers such as C Bechstein offer flagship uprights, such as the Concert 8 which cost well in the region of new quality grand piano budget and will often beat many small grands in this aspect!

As with grand pianos, upright pianos can also have various technologies added to them to increase their versatility. The most popular technology is a silent system, which turns the piano into an acoustic hybrid, either retrofitted or factory with most brands today. This allows the piano to be used with headphones as to not disturb others, if people are asleep or if the piano is in the same room as other watching TV etc! These systems also have the benefits of digital pianos, like being able to use other sounds i.e organ, harpsichords, strings etc, as well as being midi compatible to connect to a laptop or pc. The one main advantage of this, which makes a silent piano the best of both worlds is you are still using your acoustic piano action, and not sacrificing the touch on an imitation keyboard with a digital piano or keyboard.

Another fantastic technology is a self playing system, which can also be retrofit or factory fitted with selected brands. This allows the piano to play itself to entertain the family or guests from the comfort of your sofa, as well as being able to record and have the piano play back live! This record function is particularly great for producers/composers to speed up their workflow, as you can record first and worry about recording with microphones later. As this is operating using midi, you can compose on a computer via midi and play back on the piano!

We stock an excellent range of new upright pianos in our showrooms from C Bechstein, Yamaha, W Hoffmann, Schimmel, Hailun, Wilhelm Schimmel and other selected brands. Many of the new upright pianos listed on this page are available in alternative colours and finishes so don’t hesitate to enquire about the different options available on your chosen model.

If you are purchasing for someone aged under 18, or you are under 25 and buying for yourself, you can apply for a 0% loan up to £5000 funded by The Arts Council to help spread the cost over 18 months. This can open a window of opportunity to help you acquire the piano you really want. Contact us to find out more details.

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