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Schimmel 109

Make: Schimmel
Size: 145 x 109 x 52cm OR 57 x 43 x 20.5"
Casework: Black
PRICE £3,995

Fridolin Schimmel F116T

Make: Schimmel
Size: 58 x 46 x 23 inches OR 148 x 116 x 59 cm
Casework: Black
PRICE £4,800

Fridolin Schimmel F121

Make: Schimmel
Size: 58 x 48 x 23 inches OR 148 x 121 x 59 cm
Casework: Black
PRICE £5,000

Wilhelm Schimmel W114T

Make: Schimmel
Size: 58 x 45 x 21.5" OR 148 x 114 x 55 cm
Casework: Black
PRICE £8,100

Wilhelm Schimmel W118T

Make: Schimmel
Size: 60 x 46 x 24 OR 152 x 118 x 62 cm
Casework: Black
PRICE £8,800

Schimmel C116

Make: Schimmel
Size: 59 x 45.5 x 21.5 OR 149 x 116 x 55 cm
Casework: Black
PRICE £13,000

New & Used Schimmel Upright and Grand Pianos from Handel Pianos – The Piano Specialists

Handel Pianos provides a wide selection of Schimmel upright and grand pianos – both new and used. Schimmel is one of the world’s most prestigious producers of upright and grand pianos, and they have continually innovated with design, manufacturing and technology since the company’s foundation in 1885.

Schimmel is a brand synonymous with quality concert grand pianos, although they produce a wide range of piano sizes and finishes to suit both novice and expert piano players alike. Schimmel pianos are produced in their factory in Braunschweig, Germany with the finest, hand-selected materials and here at Handel Pianos, we are proud to promote the Schimmel name.

Schimmel is a fourth-generation, family run business, originally founded by Nikolas Wilhelm Schimmel. Since 2003, Hannes Schimmel-Vogel (husband of Viola Schimmel) has been the company president and the company has expanded their offerings to include more modestly priced pianos that benefit from state-of-the-art computer engineering software and machinery, whilst maintaining the attention to detail which has been the hallmark of the Schimmel brand.

Handel Pianos has many Schimmel pianos in stock, both new and used at a variety of prices. We also offer free local delivery to all our Schimmel pianos, as well as a 5 year guarantee, and we will be happy to look after you and your piano for years to come. Like Schimmel, Handel Pianos is also a family run business with passionate staff who will be happy to help you choose the right instrument and demonstrate it’s indiviudual quality. All Handel Pianos are tuned to concert pitch and are quality checked before being delivered to you.

Our friendly staff are available seven days a weeks to help you to find the perfect Schimmel piano, or to arrange tuning or repair services. Get in touch with us today to see the full range of Schimmel pianos we currently have available!