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Casio GP510 Hybrid Piano

PRICE £3,999
Make: Casio
Size: 143 x 96 x 49 OR 56 x 38 x 19"
Casework: Black
Weight: 78.5kg

This Casio GP510 hybrid piano gives you the best of both worlds, a natural grand piano key action with the versatility and convenience of sampled piano sounds. The top of the range GP510 model comes in a high gloss black finish. Developed in collaboration with C Bechstein, the Casio GP510 hybrid piano features 88 full length Austrian spruce wooden keys, seen in the top quality C Bechstein acoustic pianos. These keys give you a true representation of playing a grand piano as they trigger the new award winning ‘Natural Grand Hammer Action’. This new technology uses fulcrum pivot points that give you the same key feel as an acoustic grand piano.

The Casio GP510 hybrid piano includes a variety of different piano sounds, twenty six in total. ‘The ‘Berlin Grand’ gives you an overall balanced tonality, ideal for most genres. The ‘Vienna Grand’ gives you a brighter tone with a wide dynamic range making it useful for more modern genres. The ‘Hamburg Grand’ gives you a mellow tone, ideal for classical music. These are just a few examples of the long library of samples built in. The GP510 now comes with samples made by C Bechstein themselves, like the D282 Grand Piano.

All these sounds are played through a stereo set of speakers mounted underneath the keyboard. These specialised speakers are capable of producing a wide dynamic range, giving you a realistic sense of expression you get from an acoustic piano. If disrupting your neighbours is of concern, the GP510 also features a headphone socket which allows you to practice silently. Another useful feature is the ‘USB Audio Record and Playback’, this allows you to make your own recordings and play along to your favourite backing tracks stored on your usb device.

An additional function of the Casio GP510 hybrid piano which isn’t available on the lower models, is ‘Scene Memories’. This allows you to quickly switch between custom made presets with the single push of a designated button. Go from Classical warm tones with a hall reverb to Pop bright and roomy sounds in an instant.

Headphone, USB, MIDI IN/OUT, Line In, Line Out connections.

This instrument is covered by the Casio five year warranty.

Available in High Gloss Black Finish.

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deliveryFree Local ground floor delivery
guarantee3 Years Guarantee
pianoPiano tuned to concert pitch (A440)
exchange4 week exchange available
finance0% Finance up to £5000 is available on this piano*

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