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Kemble Pianos

A famous British piano maker from London founded by Michael Kemble in 1911. Kemble have also manufactured pianos under the name Brinsmead, Cramer, B.Squire, Squire & Longson, Rogers, Moore & Moore and Renn, making them one of the most versatile and respected British piano makers.

In 1968, Kemble joined with The Yamaha Corporation of Japan and over the following years created a new partnership known as Yamaha-Kemble Music Ltd. With the success of their partnership, Kemble later became Yamaha’s European manufacturing partner combining the best of British and Japanese piano building.

Kemble’s success continues as they were granted The Queens Award for Export Achievement, the only British company within the piano industry to ever achieve this award.

Kemble pianos have always been a home brand many people have come across either through the family, through schools or music colleges. They have a reputation of good reliability yet still being affordable, a great mix of attributes that have contributed to their success. Kemble pianos generally have a soft and mellow tone that is typically European, yet not too soft that it hinders their versatility.

Kemble has made many different models and special edition pianos since being established. One of the most significant is the special edition ‘Chopin’ model, which started production in 2009 and continues to be made today. The Chopin model is particularly special as it celebrates the composer’s 200th anniversary since birth and has been built in collaboration with Bosendorfer of Vienna, one of the most highly regarded piano manufacturers.

Later in 2009 to the present day, new Kemble pianos are now built in Yamaha’s factory in the Far East. Whilst they are no longer built in the UK, Kemble pianos are still quality built and are toned differently to Yamaha pianos to give that European sound Kemble pianos are known for.

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