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Petrof Pianos

Petrof are a highly respected manufacturer of luxurious pianos from the Czech Republic. Antonin Petrof founded the company in 1864 after studying the art of piano building in Vienna, Austria.

To this day, the company is still owned and run by the Petrof family, who continue to build upon their heritage of piano building and signature sound. All Petrof pianos are marked with a badge of 'European Excellence', a prestigious annual award that is a testament to the company’s outstanding products and communications.

Petrof pianos are very popular within both the jazz and classical world, often being used in the world’s best festivals. Petrof are also known to have a wide variety of unique piano designs, from the traditional Chippendale and Cabriole style to the ultra sleek and contemporary, often being innovators in new design.

Petrof pianos have a silky, romantic tone that is soft and mellow yet has a bite to it. This combination makes Petrof pianos extremely versatile and suitable for any type of music. Petrof pianos are very similarly priced to the Yamaha U Series and W Hoffmann upright pianos, offering an excellent alternative with its unique character.

All of our Petrof pianos come with the world famous ‘Renner’ action from Germany, one of the best actions available on the market. The combination of the Petrof sound and Renner action creates a very capable instrument that will cater for pianists of any level.

As we are Petrof agents, we are able to supply any piano from the range in any design or casework finish. Should we not have the right one in stock in our showroom, get in touch with us and we can give you a quote based on your specific requirements.

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