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Schimmel C126 Upright Piano

PRICE £18,810
Make: Schimmel
Size: 149 x 126 x 62 cm OR 59 x 50 x 24 "
Casework: Black

The Schimmel C126 is hand crafted in Braunschweig, Germany, and is the second largest of the three sizes in the popular “Classic” range. The instrument features a rich, powerful and dynamic tone with a lot of power and depth which has often been compared to the tone of a quality baby grand piano. The instrument also has the added benefit of a Renner action which helps to produce a slick and free flowing action, which is delicate yet robust.

The “Classic” series is the second highest in the Schimmel range, just below the “Konzert” models, and was previously Schimmel’s flagship series. These professional standard pianos utilise high grade materials throughout, and are produced in Schimmel’s state of the art factory near the German town of Braunschweig, using the latest manufacturing techniques to create a professional, long lasting and outstanding sounding piano with many fantastic qualities.

This Schimmel C126 Classic would be ideal for all levels of player, from those looking to start learning on a long term piano they can grow with, all the way up to teachers or professional players, or indeed anybody else in between who requires an excellent quality German built piano with a fluid action and richly balanced European style tone.

This piano is also available with the highly regarded Schimmel “Twin Tone” system, which features an optional extra “silent play” system which allows the player to mute the acoustic operation of the piano and engage digital sampled sounds which can be heard through headphones, all without losing the touch and weight of a real action.

As with most Schimmel upright and grand pianos, the C116 is available in a wide variety of different finishes and colours, including gloss black, gloss white as well as various gloss and satin wood finishes such as walnut and mahogany. Please contact us for details of our latest stock levels and colour availability.


deliveryFree Local ground floor delivery
guarantee5 Years Guarantee
pianoPiano tuned to concert pitch (A440)
exchange4 week exchange available
finance0% Finance up to £5000 is available on this piano*

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