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Starter Piano For Sale

Size: 145 x 109 x 59cm OR 57 x 43 x 23"
Casework: Darker Wood

This piano is now sold, please check with us for a suitable alternative starter piano!

Starter Piano

Here we display our current starter piano (description below), our selected piano most suitable for a beginner.
Whether you are unsure piano is right for you, you are on a tight budget or you are looking to do a steady progression on the piano ladder, a starter piano is an ideal option and a great alternative to a keyboard that will give you an advantage to kickstart your piano journey.
Our starter pianos always come tuned to concert pitch (A440), a minimum guarantee of 1 year and free local ground floor delivery, so rest assured you will have a reliable instrument that can be transported safely to your home!

Should I buy a digital piano or a real piano?

This is one of the most common questioned we get asked and it’s a good one!
Whilst both real acoustic pianos and digital pianos have their advantages and disadvantages, we tend to find the advantages of a real piano are greater.
Piano teachers will often tell their students to look at both digital and real pianos even though a real piano would be the superior instrument, with cost being a main consideration as real pianos are often more expensive than digital pianos. With this is mind, you would not want to be scared off by the prices if a digital was not recommended, and a digital is 100% better than no instrument at all! and this is where a starter piano comes in. A mid-range digital is going to cost circa £1000-£2000 new, so a second hand acoustic piano can no not only be cheaper, but also a better instrument.

The main advantages an acoustic piano will give you are:

Hammer Action- The faster you are able to learn on a real piano action, the faster and easier you will be able to master any piano. Whilst most mid to high end digital piano keys are often weighted to overcome the challenge on increasing finger strength, they lack the response and control a hammer gives you, most notably for playing very quietly or for repeating the same note.

Sound- What is arguably the most important thing, the sound of an acoustic piano is what digital pianos strive to imitate through sampling and speakers. A real piano gives a much more direct sound experience through actual vibrations of strings creating an ever changing resonance, this is what gives the piano it’s natural aura or soul of the instrument.

Long term value- An acoustic piano is a long term instrument and a long term investment that holds it’s value extremely well. Unlike digital products like TV’s and computers, a digital piano inevitably gets outdated quickly and it’s resale value plummets.
With an acoustic instrument, you can have that peace of mind that should you no longer have use for it, you will not lose too much value or even better, treat it as a ladder and get a decent part exchange value if and when you want to upgrade the piano!

The main advantages of a digital piano is they don’t require tuning and are easier to move.
A lot of the extra features a digital offers are now available on new hybrid pianos, known as ‘silent pianos’ or ‘transacoustic pianos’.
These are generally the most expensive options but they offer the most. The beauty of these instruments is that on top of being a fully functional acoustic piano, you also have the ability to mute it and use headphones, record, play with other sounds and all the other features a digital will give you without sacrificing the real hammer action and the ability to play acoustically with the strings at any given time.

Our Current Starter Piano:


Baldwin Upright Piano


deliveryFree Local ground floor delivery
guarantee1 Year Guarantee
pianoPiano tuned to concert pitch (A440)
exchange4 week exchange available
finance0% Finance up to £5000 is available on this piano*

Funded by The Arts Council, this loan is aimed to help people purchase the right instrument.

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For more information on this excellent offer you can also call us on: 01344 873645