Yamaha B3 Upright Piano

PRICE £6,480
Make: Yamaha
Size: 152 x 121 x 61 cm
Casework: Black

The Yamaha B3 is the largest available size in the entry level B Series of Yamaha acoustic pianos, built in their Indonesian factory. This mid size instrument should easily fit into most spaces, and would make an ideal starter piano for new pianists to begin learning to play on.

The Yamaha B3 has a contemporary and angular design with front legs, which should fit in well in most domestic environments. The piano features a full size keyboard with eighty eight notes, as well as three pedals, one of which is a “practice pedal” which enables muted playing by placing a piece of felt between the hammers and the strings. The piano is solidly built using good quality materials, and is similar in size to a Yamaha U1, meaning that the longer strings and larger soundboard give it a a fuller and richer tone when compared to the smaller models in the range. The B3 would be an excellent value for money new piano which is ideal for a new or improving player.

The Yamaha B3 is also available (at additional cost) with a factory fitted Yamaha SG2 silent play system, which can be added to this, or indeed any other Yamaha piano during the initial construction process. This innovative and highly regarded technology enables the use of headphones for noiseless playing, and mutes the strings in favour of high quality digital sampled sounds whilst still using the genuine acoustic action for a realistic playing feel.

As with all Yamaha pianos, the B3 is available to order in a wide range of attractive colours and finishes. The standard model is polished ebony with brass metalwork, although the instrument can also be specified with with chrome fittings for an extra £140 as well as in polished white, polished mahogany and polished walnut, all of which are available for an additional charge of £190 and feature brass fittings. Please contact us for details of our current stock and availability.


deliveryFree Local ground floor delivery
guarantee5 Years Guarantee (New)
pianoPiano tuned to concert pitch (A440)
exchange4 week exchange available
finance0% Finance up to £5000 is available on this piano*

Funded by The Arts Council, this loan is aimed to help people purchase the right instrument.

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For more information on this excellent offer you can also call us on: 01344 873645