Zimmermann Z185 Grand Piano

PRICE £14,500
Make: Zimmermann
Size: 6ft
Casework: Black
Weight: 352kg

The Zimmermann Z185 is an impressively constructed grand piano produced in China for Zimmermann, who are the entry level brand of the C Bechstein Family, the famous German piano manufacturer who are one of the oldest and most respected makers in the world. These instruments are constructed with stringent quality control, using the latest technology, quality materials and are each individually inspected by C Bechstein engineers in Germany before the final seal of quality is added.

The Zimmermann Z185 represents the largest size out of the four grand pianos in the Zimmermann range, and at six foot in length, this is on the upper end of the “baby” grand segment, often referred as a “boudoir” grand. This instrument offers excellent dynamic range that most upright’s will struggle to compare with, even more impressive given it’s attractive price point for the performance it provides.
The Zimmermann Z185 produces a rich, balanced, European style tone suitable for all styles of music. The  Z185 also boasts a slick and super responsive action, which is extremely easy to play and feels much closer to what you would expect from a W Hoffmann instrument rather an ‘entry’ level piano in the C Bechstein family.

This piano would be an ideal instrument for anybody looking for a brand new grand to seriously progress on, which they can grow into and be able to use up to grade eight and beyond if they so wish. The amount of quality that C Bechstein have managed to achieve at such a low price point is remarkable, and the instrument really does need to be played in person to be fully appreciated!

The Zimmermann Z185 features a clean and contemporary casework design with some traditional touches, as well as the signature C Bechstein gold frame and green felt inside the instrument.
The pictured example is finished in a very attractive high gloss black polyester with brass fittings, all of which adds up to a very attractive piano that would complement most domestic settings!


deliveryFree Local ground floor delivery
guarantee5 Years Guarantee
pianoPiano tuned to concert pitch (A440)
exchange4 week exchange available
finance0% Finance up to £5000 is available on this piano*

Funded by The Arts Council, this loan is aimed to help people purchase the right instrument. *Subject to terms and conditions

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