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C Bechstein classic 124 Upright Piano

PRICE £25,500
Make: C. Bechstein
Size: 151 x 124 x 65cm OR 59.5 x 49 x 25.5"
Casework: Black
Weight: 261kg

The C Bechstein Classic 124 upright piano really is an instrument in a league of its own, and is closely related to the world renowned C Bechstein Concert 8 which is widely regarded by many critics as the best upright that money can buy. The Classic 124 shares many of the same components and top shelf workmanship, but is a bit smaller and more manageable in terms of size. This stunning professional standard instrument has been painstakingly handcrafted over a period of many months by the highly skilled artisans of the famous C Bechstein factory in Germany, the leading company in the C Bechstein family who are widely regarded as one of the oldest and most respected makers in the world.

With inspiring craftsmanship and attention to detail, the C Bechstein Classic 124 will not only satisfy pianists of any level, but will continue to do so for many generations to come, so is a true investment. The instrument is built with many of the same principles as C Bechstein’s concert grand pianos, and is both constructed and set up by the same technicians, giving the instrument a sense of effortlessness, power and fluidity of touch that will inspire all those who will play it, regardless of experience. The casework aesthetics combine a neat blend of traditional sensibility with a modern touch, resulting in an elegant design that will blend in superbly in the majority of homes.

This piano is also available (at additional cost) with C Bechstein’s factory fitted “Vario” silent play system which can be added to this, or indeed any other W Hoffman piano during the initial construction process. This innovative and highly regarded technology enables the use of headphones for noiseless playing, and mutes the strings in favour of high quality digital sampled sounds whilst still using the genuine acoustic action for a realistic playing feel.

This C Bechstein Classic 124 is available in a wide variety of different high gloss and satin finishes and colours, including black, white, walnut, cherry, vavona, and burl walnut, as well as a range of stunning and unique special finishes such as intarsia inlay. Please contact us for further information, as well as details of our latest stock levels and colour availability.


deliveryFree Local ground floor delivery
guarantee5 Years Guarantee
pianoPiano tuned to concert pitch (A440)
exchange4 week exchange available
finance0% Finance up to £5000 is available on this piano*

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