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C Bechstein Classic 124

C Bechstein 124 Classic upright piano, a piano in a league of it's own!
The C Bechstein 124 is in the same series as the renowned C Bechstein Concert 8, regarded by many as the pinnacle of upright pianos, but in a more practical size.
Inspiring craftsmanship and attention to detail using only top shelf materials, the C Bechstein 124 will not only satisfy pianists of any level, but will continue to do so for generations.
The casework aesthetics are a neat blend of traditional sensibility with a modern touch, resulting in an elegant design that will blend in superbly for a majority of homes.
The C Bechstein 124 is built with many of the same principles as the C Bechstein grands, constructed and toned by the same technicians as their concert grand pianos, giving the instrument a sense of effortlessness that will inspire those who play it, regardless of experience.
The 124 is really in the sweet spot in terms of size, quality and value for money in the C Bechstein range with plenty of power and fluidity of touch that will beat many if not all baby grand pianos out there.
A must try for those looking for the best.

- Made in Germany
- RRP: £24,290

This model is also available with the option of Bechstein's Vario system, a silent system enabling you to play privately through headphones. Ask us for more details.

If you are interested in purchasing this instrument, or would like to arrange a time to play it, contact us on: (01344) 873645 or email us on:sales@handelpianos.co.uk

PRICE £19,490


Free Local ground floor delivery

5 Year Guarantee

Piano tuned to concert pitch (A440)

4 week exchange available


0% Finance up to £5000 is available on this piano*

Funded by The Arts Council, this loan is aimed to help people purchase the right instrument.

For more information on this excellent offer please call us on: 01344 873645
Or visit the official website at: www.takeitaway.org.uk

*Subject to terms and conditions


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