New and Used C. Bechstein Upright Pianos

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C Bechstein 118 Contur Upright Piano

Make: C. Bechstein
Size: 151 x 118 x 59 cm OR 59.4 x 46 x 23 "
Casework: Black
PRICE £22,000

C Bechstein classic 124 Upright Piano

Make: C. Bechstein
Size: 151 x 124 x 65cm OR 59.5 x 49 x 25.5"
Casework: Black
Weight: 261kg
PRICE £25,500

C Bechstein 124 Elegance Upright Piano

Make: C. Bechstein
Size: 124 x 151 x 64 cm OR 48.8 x 59.4 x 25.2"
Casework: Black
PRICE £26,500

C Bechstein Concert 8 Upright Piano

Make: C. Bechstein
Size: 154 x 131 x 67 cm OR 60.5 x 51.5 x 26.3 "
Casework: Black
PRICE £43,000

C Bechstein L 167 Baby Grand Piano

Make: C. Bechstein
Size: 60.2" x 5'6" / 153cm x 167cm
Casework: Black
Weight: 699 Ibs / 317 kg
PRICE £81,500

C Bechstein MP 192 Grand Piano

Make: C. Bechstein
Size: 192cm Deep or 6 Feet 4 Inches
Casework: Black
Weight: 350 kg
PRICE £87,000

New & Used C Bechstein Upright and Grand Pianos from Handel Pianos – The Piano Specialists

Carl Bechstein established his company in 1853 in Berlin with the aim of producing pianos that could withstand vigorous concert level playing from pianists of the calibre of Franz Liszt.

After learning much of his trade from the French school of piano building, he went on to create a hugely successful company, which by 1900, produced 3700 pianos per year.

Despite many setbacks over the following years, the C Bechstein name has become synonymous with quality and superior European tone. Handel Pianos stock new and used C Bechstein pianos, including grand pianos and upright pianos, all of which possess a rich tone and beautifully crafted cabinet.

C Bechstein pianos are world-class concert pianos that embody the great tradition of European music. From their introduction in the nineteenth century, they have continually captivated musicians and composers alike with their quality and clarity of tone which is delicately balanced with dynamic power and breathtaking musicality.

In the trade, C Bechstein are known as one of the ‘3 B’s’, which is Bechstein, Bluthner and Bosendorfer, a holy trinity if you will of elite piano manufacturers which a rich heritage of building pianos to the highest quality. We are particularly fond of the C Bechstein pianos for many reasons. The tone is unique in that it is very pure and balanced, neither bright nor mellow and allows a huge amount of flexibility. The resonance and overtones are long and clear allowing plenty of expression, particularly impressionist music that favours this! The power and dynamic range of C Bechstein’s are to be marvelled at, even for smaller instruments with a shorter string length, their design and quality shines through and push above their weight. The standards of quality and performance is evident throughout the range of both C Bechstein uprights and grands, all individually can be argued for ‘best in class’ by comparison to other piano makers.

Within the C Bechstein family of pianos are other series to suit all budgets, these are the Zimmermann line, the W Hoffmann line, C Bechstein Academy line and the top series C Bechstein Concert.

Zimmermann are some of the best asian built pianos on the market designed by C Bechstein and are ideal for those looking for an excellent new, entry level piano to build a foundation. As with all C Bechstein family pianos, they offer a consistent and familiar tone that will make the player feel at home as and when they wish to upgrade to a higher series.

W Hoffmann pianos are built by C Bechstein in their factory in the Czech Republic, named C Bechstein Europe. These pianos share many parts, materials and manufacturing techniques as the C Bechstein ranges. W Hoffmann pianos offer remarkable quality and value in their price range which are hard to beat, placed within the mid-range of pianos in market,  the W Hoffmann ‘Professional’ series placed in the lower high-end part of the market.

C Bechstein Academy line is built in Seifhennersdorf, Germany, using their wealth of knowledge since 1853, state of the art piano manufacturing techniques and top quality materials. Both the Academy line and Concert line of C Bechstein pianos offer long term value allowing players to grow into the instrument to no end, suitable for players of any level.

C Bechstein Concert line is the best C Bechstein have to offer, adding a extra layer and class. Only the finest, handpicked materials throughout the instruments and voiced, regulated and checked over by the same technicians on both the uprights and grands within this line. If budget allows, C Bechstein Concert line is the choice to make for those looking for the very best. Simply wonderful instruments.

By purchasing your new or used C Bechstein piano from Handel, you will not only be in possession of one of the most beautiful sounding, elegant pianos in the world; you will also become part of the Handel family. We take care of our customers, ensuring that every piano is quality checked and tuned to concert pitch before delivery, and we even offer a guarantee of up to 10 years. We will be available 7 days a week for tuning, servicing or any other questions you may have about your C Bechstein piano. Visit our store in Sunningdale, Berkshire to browse the full range of pianos we currently have in stock or give us a call for advice!

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