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Traditional Upright Pianos

Traditional Upright Pianos

Here we display our current stock of traditional upright pianos at an affordable price point.
Traditional style pianos are always loved by those with traditional homes however due to their age, they often need some sort of restoration and work to be able to guarantee them.
The other way to achieve this style of piano would be a new piano, however this would be a much higher price point and not always realistic for a begginer player or light user to justify the cost.
We do offer traditional pianos that generally start from circa £495 so get in touch to check our current stock!
We get offered many traditional pianos, most of which are not economically viable to buy-in however there are always exceptions to the rule, some of which have been looked after over the years and kept in tune, therefore can be used a cheap starter instrument to learn their ABC's on.
All of our tradtional pianos we sell go through the workshop and are cleaned, tuned and regulated, ensuring they hold concert pitch (A440) and all come with a minimum 1 year guarantee!

Our current Traditional Piano as pictured below (Roseman):

Here pictured we have a very attractive Roseman upright piano, made in England.
Traditional European design with front leg supports, tri-panel designed cabinet, mahogany case with brass fittings.
The original owner gave the piano some real tlc by restoring the casework, a pleasant surprise to see a piano of this era in good cosmetic condition!
This Roseman piano would be an excellent first piano for someone willing to learn whilst doubling up as a charming piece of furniture, all without breaking the bank! 


If you are interested in purchasing this piano or would like more information, call us on (01344) 873645 or email us on:sales@handelpianos.co.uk

Make: Roseman

Size:  Please Ask!

Casework: Mahogany




PRICE £750


Free Local ground floor delivery

1 Year guarantee

Piano tuned to concert pitch (A440)

4 week exchange available


0% Finance up to £5000 is available on this piano*
Funded by The Arts Council, this loan is aimed to help people purchase the right instrument.

For more information on this excellent offer please call us on: 01344 873645
Or visit the official website at: www.takeitaway.org.uk

*Subject to terms and conditions


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